Other Than Counterfeit Tickets, World Series Experiencing Few Issues With Crime

Oct 28, 2013

For Cardinals fans looking to pick up tickets to tonight’s World Series game, St. Louis City Chief of Police Sam Dotson has a simple piece of advice: buyer beware.

There were around 80 instances of phony tickets being sold for Game 3, but he says police were able to cut that number to three for last night’s game.

He says there have also been some issues with phony money.

“Yesterday we had a couple of young people who thought they were selling their tickets and actually received counterfeit currency in exchange,” Dotson says.  “So, again, it’s buyer beware and seller beware.   There are people who will take advantage of you and do this professionally. We’ve targeted them, though, and hope to have more success tonight.”

Dotson credits a large and visible police force for a lack of problems with car break-ins.  

He says the police department and federal law enforcement agencies have received no indication that the city could be subject to an act of terrorism.

"We're very confident with the information that we're getting that there are no threats toward St. Louis right now,” Dotson says. “There's nothing to believe that anything will change over the next couple of hours.  We're happy with the information, we're happy with the assets that are in town, the cooperation that's going on, and we're looking forward to a win tonight for the Cardinals."

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