Ouch! St. Louis Among Worst Cities For Dog Attacks Of Postal Workers

May 15, 2013

The "postal worker gets attacked by dog" theme is tired, to be sure. But 32 times in FY2012, postal workers in St. Louis were the unfortunate players in real-life versions of the storied situation.

The Atlantic has highlighted the 'Worst Cities for Dog Attacks, According to the U.S. Postal Service' and St. Louis sits at number 7 on the USPS list.

The list, which, The Atlantic mentions, does not account for population differences - however, per capita, they say, St. Louis has a high rate of attacks. 

Nationwide, almost 6,000 postal workers were attacked by dogs in FY2012.

Here's the full list from the USPS:

Credit (via United States Postal Service)