Police give few details on Glendale shooting that left mother, her two children dead

Jul 31, 2012

Glendale police have called on the Major Case Squad to help investigate a shooting that left a mother and her two children dead in the Glendale neighborhood Monday.

Lieutenant Tim Fagan of the Greater St. Louis Major Case Squad says the investigation is fluid and he says authorities will work the theory that it was a murder suicide.

But Fagan says he isn’t willing to rule out any scenario.

“We haven’t come to what would be a full conclusion as to what would have happened,” Fagan said.  “The totality of the circumstances, I don’t have everything I need at this time.”

The husband and father of the children, Mitchell Murch II, called 911 and told dispatchers shots were fired in the home. 

Fagan did not give an exact number of shots that Murch reported, rather, he characterized it as multiple.

Officials say Murch did cooperate during questioning, and at this point in time he is not considered a suspect.

Authorities confirmed the children killed were 10-year-old Mitchell Murch III and her 8-year-old Mary Claire Murch.  The mother, who was found dead at the scene, was 42-year-old Catherine Murch. 

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