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Police Union Not Unified On Prop A

Oct 12, 2012

Since last fall, the St. Louis Police Officers Association has supported a ballot initiative to bring local control of the department back to the city.

But this week the union’s president publicly urged members to vote “no” on Prop A.

Dave Bonenberger said in his "Message from the President" column that local control would lead to political influence in the department and loss of police pensions.

But SLPOA’s business manager Jeff Roorda says while the union opposed local control for 40 years they reached a compromise to protect their interests.

"We understand that for us to have credibility we’ve got to stick to our deals," Roorda said. "We’ve got to compromise where pensions, survivor benefits, health insurance and residency and other benefits for our members stay under control of state statutes."

Roorda says SLPOA’s executive board voted to support the compromise with the mayor and A Safer Missouri.

He said members have a right to override votes but did not do so.

Calls to President Bonenberger were not immediately returned Friday.

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