Propofol Manufacturer Will Not Sell Drug for Executions

Sep 28, 2012

A manufacturer of the anesthetic blamed for Michael Jackson's overdose death says it won't allow the drug to be sold for use in executions.
Drug maker Fresenius Kabi USA is one of two domestic suppliers of propofol, which has been singled out as a lethal injection alternative amid a drug shortage that's forced several states to revise their execution protocols. Missouri this year said it would become the first state to use propofol as an execution drug.
Fresenius Kabi confirmed to The Associated Press Thursday that it's told distributors it will not accept orders from U.S. corrections departments.
Hospira is the only other company that's distributed propofol in the U.S., but it has exhausted its current supply and has come out with strong opposition to the drug's use in executions.