Proposition F could change city maximum fine | St. Louis Public Radio

Proposition F could change city maximum fine

ST. LOUIS – One of the ballot measures St. Louis City voters will decide next week is whether to raise the maximum fine from $500 to $1,000.

Alderman Ken Ortmann co-sponsored the board bill to get Proposition F on the ballot. Ortmann said that the fine often is not high enough to force people to abide by city ordinances on illegal dumping or vacant buildings.

"I mean, some people, they don't care," Ortmann said, "They just pay. So if we can raise that to $1,000 and inflict more pain on them maybe they'll put that money toward the building instead of giving it to the city."

It would take at least two thirds of votes in favor to raise the fines. The question has gone before city voters numerous times and failed.

City voters also will vote on Proposition L, a non-binding measure asking whether the city police department should be under local control.