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Protest Planned Against Monsanto

May 24, 2013

Opponents of agribusiness giant Monsanto say they expect as many as 500 people to gather at the company’s Creve Coeur headquarters Saturday for a protest.

The 1 p.m. rally is part of a larger March Against Monsanto taking place in several U.S. and foreign cities.

Daniel Romano with Safe Food Action St. Louis says he thinks people are ready to vent their frustration over Monsanto’s practices and power.

"People really want to express their outrage," Romano said. "Outrage at the special treatment that Monsanto gets; outrage that so much of soy and corn and other crops grown in this country and worldwide or GMOs, genetically modified organisms, and that these foods aren’t labeled."

Romano says there are efforts in several states to require foods that contain GMOs be labeled.

In a statement Monsanto director of communications Tom Helscher said the company is proud of its efforts to improve food quality and productivity.

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