Public hearing on red light cameras tonight in Jefferson County

Feb 14, 2011

The Jefferson County Council is holding the first of three public hearings tonight on red light cameras.

Last fall Jefferson County's three member board of county executives signed a five-year deal with American Traffic Solutions for a handful of red light cameras.

It now appears those cameras will not go up.

A newly elected seven-member county council is beginning a process to repeal a law that allows traffic cameras.

Councilman Bob Boyer says that process, including public hearings, will allow for a public debate on the issue.

"And that's kind of the hope of the traffic code hearingsā€¦ is for people to get involved in their government, come down to Hillsboro, tell the seven-member county council how they feel about these issues," Boyer said.

The hearing will take place at 6:30 tonight at the county administrative building in Hillsboro.

Two others will be held Feb. 28 and March 14.