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Publishing at any age: 'You don't have your driver's license, but you've got your writer's license'

Jul 6, 2017

We hear from a lot of authors on St. Louis on the Air and many of them have unique stories of how they first got published. On Thursday, we heard from two more local authors, each of whom comes from a different publishing perspective than the norm. One was published as early as age 13. The other started writing after retirement.

Hannah Hoffmeister is a St. Louis resident who published “The Dream Ring” series starting at age 13. The fantasy series include five novels set on the planet of Neptune.  Hoffmeister, now 19, recently finished her first year at the University of Missouri studying journalism and is working on a sixth book, unrelated to her first series.

“When I talk to kids in school, I tell them all the time: ‘you don’t have your driver’s license, but you’ve got your writer’s license,’” Hoffmeister said of her early start in publishing.

Lew Trigg is an Alton Resident who recently published “Gifts of the Sea,” after he turned to writing in retirement. The novel focuses on the travails of the recently-retired Gio Valducci as he gets swept up into a cartel dealing in ambergris.

“I always use a journal and I think it is great because I can look back five years ago and see things that might be good enough material to put in a book,” Trigg said. “I would encourage people to do the act of writing, make it a part of your life.”

Listen as Trigg and Hoffmeister discuss their process of writing and getting published:

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