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Rams submit alternative plan to upgrade dome, details to remain confidential

May 1, 2012

The St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission says that the Rams have submitted their alternative proposal to revamp the Edward Jones Dome.

The details of the club's plan, however, will remain confidential.

Today is the deadline for the Rams to submit their proposal.

A pair of statements released today indicates action in the process but gives little information on actual changes:

The CVC's statement:

The St. Louis Rams have presented the St. Louis Convention & Visitors Commission (CVC) with its alternative plan to upgrade the Edward Jones Dome. The CVC will begin the reviewing process. 

A secondary statement from the CVC when asked about the details of the Rams' plan:

"This morning the Rams submitted the club's proposed plans to make the Edward Jones Dome a First Tier NFL stadium. Our lease sets forth a procedure and process to bring the Edward Jones Dome up to the First Tier standard. The process and procedure is confidential under the parties' agreements, and the Rams will continue to respect those confidentiality obligations."

So what's all the hubub about upgrading the Dome? Here's some background as our Joseph Leahy summarized yesterday:

  • The Rams' lease requires the Dome to be in the "top tier" of stadiums in the National Football League. That tems is not clearly defined, but it's generally meant within the top 25 percent. Otherwise, the Rams are free to depart St. Louis in 2015.
  • In March, the Rams rejected a $125 million offer from the city. Sports economist Patrick Rishe says the Rams are positioned to ask for much more. "Just because the city of St. Louis won't build a new facility, or perhaps even invest in significant upgrades in the existing facility, doesn't necessarily mean the Rams are gone," Rishe said, "but it certainly increases the odds."
  • Rishe expected to see a steep counter-offer from the Rams today.
  • The two sides have until June to negotiate, when the matter would enter arbitration.