Redistricting stalls in fight for Missouri Senate seats | St. Louis Public Radio

Redistricting stalls in fight for Missouri Senate seats

Feb 21, 2012

Time is running out for a bipartisan commission tasked with agreeing on a new Missouri Senate district map. The filing period for senate candidates begins next week, but without definitive district boundaries, they won't know exactly which district they would be running to represent. 

The commission's chairman Doug Harpool says if seven of the ten commission members fail to agree on a map, a federal judge will be appointed to determine the district boundaries.

 "I just can't imagine that the hierarchy of our two state parties really want a federal judge - who we don't who it is, which one it'd be - to take charge of writing our districts," Harpool said.

Missouri senators passed a bill to push back the start of candidate filing period until March 27, but the House has not voted on the bill yet. 17 Senate seats are up for grabs this fall. Missouri's constitution requires the state's legislative districts be redrawn every 10 years.