Researchers Hope To Inspire New Generation Of Plant Scientists

Aug 11, 2013

Credit angeloangelo / Flickr

This weekend 900 scientists from across the globe are in St. Louis to trade ideas and present research about how they’re working to make photosynthesis more efficient in plants as part of the 16th International Congress on Photosynthesis.

What they’re discussing could unlock the door to breakthroughs in everything from biofuels to agriculture.  Top scientists will also be presenting their research this afternoon to K-12 students and teachers as well as the general public.

The outreach event, called “Photosynthesis in Our Lives,” will take place from 3-5 p.m. Aug. 11 in the Park View room at the Hyatt Regency St. Louis at The Arch.  More information can be found here.

Below is an interview with Washington University Professor Bob Blankenship about why it’s so important to inspire young people to study plant science.