Retail makeover could be coming soon to Lambert | St. Louis Public Radio

Retail makeover could be coming soon to Lambert

Aug 1, 2012

Management at Lambert Airport has signed off on an agreement with the Hudson Group to offer travelers a new lineup of retail stores.

If the St. Louis Board of Alderman green lights the deal, Hudson Group will take over 14 locations, boosting the total number of shops by three.    

Proposed new retail concepts range from one focused on St. Louis sports teams to an Eddie Bauer clothing shop. 

Airport spokesman Jeff Lea said the deal will also bring in guaranteed extra revenue.

“It’s about a $2.7 million increase in revenue in just year one, and over the first three years it’s going to be about $7.5 million more than our current revenue structure,” Lea said.

Lea adds that Hudson Group will consider ways to retain employees working for the current vendor, Paradies Shops, but the company didn’t say how many could be kept. 

“The Predident and CEO of Hudson did speak to that and they mentioned to the airport commission that they were certainly going to entertain taking on many of the employees that are working in the shops now,” Lea said.