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Ricky Skaggs: Entertaining Audiences For More Than 50 Years

Feb 22, 2013

Ricky Skaggs got an early start in music.  At the age of 5, we woke up one morning to find that his parents had left a pint sized mandolin in his bed.  A year later, he played a show with Bill Monroe, the father of bluegrass  and appearances with Earl Scruggs and the Stanley Brothers followed. Before the age of 10, Scruggs was fortunate enough to have performed with three of his heroes.  “When you learn music from  masters like that at such an early age, that I did, those people stay with you,” Skaggs told St. Louis Public Radio’s Jim Althoff.

Skaggs has garnered 14 Grammys in his 50 plus year career and is regarded as a bluegrass legend. But he  has achieved success in the country and gospel genres as well, and has received multiple Country Music Association Awards.  His latest recording, “Music to My Ears” combines both bluegrass and country.

Jim Althoff spoke with Ricky Skaggs on Cityscape.  They discussed Skaggs’ start in the music business, the history of bluegrass, the difference between bluegrass and country, his unique instrumentation in his country music, and his appearance at The Sheldon with his band, Kentucky Thunder.

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