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The role scent plays in our day-to-day lives, memories and stories

Jun 24, 2016

A workshop at Firecracker Press with the Institute of Art and Olfaction.
Credit Pulitzer Arts Foundation

What’s in a scent? On Friday’s St. Louis on the Air, we discussed the role scent plays in our lives, memories and stories. We also discussed what the future of smells could be — scented text messages, anyone?

We were joined in studio by Saskia Wilson Brown, the founder and director of the Institute for Art and Olfaction, which is based in Los Angeles. She is in town working with local artist Eileen G-Sell, Firecracker Press, and the Pulitzer Arts Foundation to produce scent stories that will be on display this Saturday at the museum.

Local artist Eileen G'Sell worked with Institute for Art and Olfaction director Saskia Wilson-Brown to create an olfactory exhibit at the Pulitzer this weekend.
Credit Kim Oswalt | St. Louis Public Radio


Eileen G’Sell is a writer who interviewed 15 different St. Louisans about their St. Louis stories as they relate to scent.

The exhibit "24 Hours, 15 Scents" will be at the Pulitzer museum on Saturday, June 25 from 3pm-5pm.

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