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The Rundown: Behind The Headlines In Ferguson

Aug 22, 2014

We know that you listen to us on air and check our website for news and information about our region. We hope that you look at our website every day, but we know that's not always possible. So, once a week, on Friday, we will highlight some of the website's top stories of the week. With Ferguson continuing to dominate the news, this edition of the Rundown looks at our coverage this week that strived to tell the stories behind the daily headlines.

Being there

BreaDora, Marcus, their sister and their mother Irma in their living room in Ferguson.
Credit Durrie Bouscaren | St. Louis Public Radio

Locked In: One Family's Story From Behind The Front Lines

When violence broke out in Ferguson late Sunday, St. Louis Public Radio reporters Stephanie Lecci and Durrie Bouscaren took refuge in a family’s home. Bouscaren asked them what life is like right now in the formerly quiet suburb.

Bridging the generation gap

Lessons To Be Learned From Ferguson: Young Will Teach Old

What lessons can be learned from the killing of Michael Brown and its aftermath in Ferguson? At a forum at Harris-Stowe, speakers raised a variety of issues. Mike Jones observerd that much of the problem exposed by the unrest in Ferguson can be laid at the feet of black leadership and how education has dealt with black children.

Darrell Bryant Senior and his son Darrell junior.
Credit Tim Lloyd | St. Louis Public Radio

With School Canceled, Parents Give Children A Life Lesson

After being postponed last week, school was supposed to start in the Ferguson-Florissant School District Monday. But that didn’t happen as school was postponed another week. That led some parents to take their children to the places where history was made this week. 

Protest, Peace, Protection

Pandemonium Or Peace In Ferguson? Depends On If It’s Night Or Day

Cleanup at Red's.
Credit Nancy Fowler | St. Louis Public Radio

The daily routine in the city of Ferguson has become one of turmoil and tear gas by night and cleanup and cooperation by day. But the sun riseover a very different scene at Canfield and West Florissant than where it sets. Members of the community, armed with brooms and buckets, come out to clean up from the night before.

Ferguson's Struggles Attract Out-Of-Towners To Protest Without Violence

People from across the country have converged on Ferguson to join a peaceful movement over the 18-year-old’s death. What prompts someone to travel hundreds of miles to get to Ferguson? Some want to support Brown and his family. Others want to get young people more enthused about organizing for political action.

What's A Grand Jury? How Will It Work In The Ferguson Case?

Everything you always wanted to know about grand juries in a q-and-a format.