The Rundown: From Money To Art To Scams -- Not To Mention A Trip To The Moon | St. Louis Public Radio

The Rundown: From Money To Art To Scams -- Not To Mention A Trip To The Moon

Jul 18, 2014

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Show me the money

Credit (via Flickr/MoneyBlogNewz

Ten Percent Of Households In The St. Louis Area Don't Use Banks: Here's Why, And What's Being Done

Think about everything you spend money on in a month. There’s housing, utilities, groceries, transportation, a night out with friends here and there. Now imagine paying for all of those things without using a debit card or check. That would put you among the ranks of the unbanked. In 2012, the term applied to 10 percent of people in the St. Louis metro area. Local groups want to get 20,000 of them a bank account by the middle of 2015.

Primary Election 2014

Amendment 5 Would Expand Gun Rights In Missouri

To a layman, the language of the initiative is likely to read a lot like the Second Amendment. But critics of the proposal say it belies a more substantive change. "It's going to strengthen the protection that the right to keep and bear arms under the Missouri constitution," said Allen Rostron, a constitutional law professor at the University of Missouri-Kansas City.

We Asked Five Questions About Campaign Finance Reports. Here Are The Answers

Here's everything you need to know about the latest campaign finance reports released July 15. Long story short -- expect to see more TV ads in Dooley-Stenger race as well as ads for the transportation tax.

The scientific method

From Left: Elementary school teachers Kelly Greenwood, Mathew Williams, Sarah Tehan and Joanna McPherson cut into a pig heart during STEM TQ training.
Credit Tim Lloyd / St. Louis Public Radio

Teachers Learn To STEM-itize Their Lessons

More than 100 kindergarten through eighth-grade teachers from across Missouri and Illinois are learning how they can better weave science and math education into their lesson plans.The science, technology, engineering and mathematics Teacher Quality Initiative (STEM TQ) is entering its third year and has steadily attracted more teachers.  This year, 106 teachers from Affton, East St. Louis, Ferguson-Florissant, Hazelwood, Pattonville, University City, and Kirkwood will get hands on training and take field trips to local companies to lean how they can better “STEM-itize” their lesson plans.

Fly me to the moon

Gene Kranz
Credit Courtesy Gene Kranz and the Saint Louis Science Center

Forty-Five Years Ago, We First Landed On The Moon: Meet The Man In Charge In Mission Control

Forty-five years ago this Sunday, Apollo 11 became the first space flight to land men on the moon. At Mission Control in Houston, Gene Kranz was the man in charge. Kranz spent more than three decades working for the U.S. National Aeronautics and Space Administration, serving as flight director for both the Gemini and Apollo space programs. He is probably best known for his role leading the Mission Control team that brought the crew of the ill-fated Apollo 13 lunar mission safely back to earth.

Teens make art

Juwaun Crawford plays Chuck Berry.
Credit Emanuele Berry | St. Louis Public Radio

Opera Teaches History Of The Ville Neighborhood And Inspires Students

The history of the Ville neighborhood has been told through books and film. Now the community's story will be told through opera. In honor of St. Louis’ 250th birthday, St. Louis ArtWorks commissioned “On Whose Shoulders We Stand: An Opera,” which focuses on the Ville. It will be performed this weekend by students in the ArtWorks program.

Teens Tackle Gangs, Violence In A Play They Wrote And Produced

The "Teens Make History" Players and are getting paid to act — but first they have to work through very serious issues and distill their findings into a play. Since 2007, this program of the Missouri History Museum brings together students to research, design and mount exhibits at the museum or to bring St. Louis history to life through their plays.

Caveat emptor, consumers

Promises, Promises: Scammers Target Student Loans, Unclaimed Property And Government Grants

Keep your guard up, gentle consumers. There are anglers among us. Here are four recent alerts worth noting, four scams to be avoiding.