Saint Louis Science Center to build new exhibition hall

St. Louis, MO – The Saint Louis Science Center has announced it's building a new hall to house traveling exhibitions and special events.

The two-story addition will replace the EXPLORADOME, the bubble-like structure west of the main building.

Speaking at a luncheon commemorating the 25th anniversary of the Science Center, director Doug King said the EXPLORADOME was always intended to be temporary.

"It's not very environmentally sound, you have to pump air in there 24 hours a day to hold the roof up."

The new $9.5 million exhibit hall is designed to achieve LEED certification, with energy efficient construction, and heating, cooling, and lighting systems.

King said a 13,000 square foot green roof will also serve as an educational venue.

"It'll be a place people can go and learn, not just look out the window at plants on the roof."

The new exhibition hall is scheduled for completion in June of next year.