Science affects everyone. Tell us a story about how it’s affected you. | St. Louis Public Radio

Science affects everyone. Tell us a story about how it’s affected you.

Jul 31, 2017

Everyone has a personal connection to science.  

Maybe you were  reaching for a Nobel Prize with your high school science fair project until an unforeseeable error caused it to go down in flames. Or, perhaps you’ve been  a researcher on an expedition thousands of miles from home, surrounded by people who don’t understand what you’re doing there. Or, you’ve listened to your doctor diagnose you with a condition that you’ve never heard of before.

Whatever your science story is, we want to hear about it.  

This year, St. Louis Public Radio officially partnered up with The Story Collider, a podcast that produces events where people tell personal stories about science, live on stage.

The Story Collider presented its first show in St. Louis to a packed room in May. It featured stories that included a science journalist’s comically disastrous trip to a radio telescope in Chile and the heartbreaking experiences of a young gay doctor learning about AIDS in the 1980s.

Going forward, Story Collider shows in St. Louis will be produced by St. Louis Public Radio’s science reporter Eli Chen and local comedian Zack Stovall. The next show will take place on Oct. 5 at the Ready Room in The Grove.  

We’re accepting pitches on a rolling basis. We’re looking for true stories and personal tales about how science has affected your life.

The deadline for submitting your story idea is Aug. 1, for our October show. Send your brief, one- or two-paragraph pitch to

Need advice on how to make your pitch shine? We’ve got you covered. Click here.