Sentencing handed down for former St. Louis liquor control officer

Mar 2, 2011

In November 2010, James Allen Morgan, a former St. Louis city liquor control officer, plead guilty to bribery charges. Today, Morgan found out just how he'll be punished.

According to a Department of Justice press release, Morgan received the following sentence:

  • Five months in prison
  • Five months home confinement
  • Two years of supervised release

And what was Morgan's crime?

In short, Morgan used his position to bribe a liquor license applicant in exchange for monetary gain, and possible employment. The release explains:

"According to court documents, during November and December 2009, Morgan  met with the applicant several times and suggested that he (Morgan) be hired to manage the new bar, receiving a salary plus a  “signing bonus” in order to purchase an automobile.  In return, Morgan promised the applicant that he could guarantee there would be no problem obtaining and maintaining a St. Louis city liquor license. 

In December 2009, when the City of St. Louis issued the new liquor license, Morgan demanded and agreed to accept $1,000 cash from the applicant as a reward for his efforts in helping obtain the liquor license."