Six face federal charges for car break-ins in West County

St. Louis – Six people who police say could be responsible for as many as 75 car break-ins in the last month face federal charges for their crime spree.

Kathryn Elizabeth Stephens, Ida Elizabeth Horton, Keith Larrod Lee, Melvin Brooks, Katie Lynn Vincent and Taylor Belle Henry are all charged with conspiring to defraud the federal government.

Indictments issued against the six indicate they worked together to steal checkbooks, credit and debit cards, and driver's licenses. Members of the group would then use those documents to cash forged checks or make withdrawals. In the indictment, Vincent said she tried to pass fraudulent checks at at least 30 different banks.

>>Official Indictment Document (Stephens, Horton, Lee, Brooks) (PDF)

>>Official Indictment Document (Vincent and Henry) (PDF)