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Some Republicans Not Dismissing Holden's Plans

St. Louis, MO – Some Republican leaders in the Missouri House and Senate say they are not shutting the door to Governor Bob Holden's latest plan to raise money for education.

The governor has called a special session for Monday; he wants lawmakers to close four corporate tax loopholes to raise money for education.

While being opposed to raising taxes, the Republicans are promising to allow legislative consideration of the Governor's proposal during next week's special session.

Senate President pro tem Peter Kinder says there's a chance something will be approved, if a compromise can be reached.

"In the aggregate, I'm told the four amount to only $63 million dollars, so I don't know," he said "We will go into it with an open mind and tackle the work in front of us beginning Monday and do the best we can."

Kinder says negotiations are already underway between the administration and a leading state business organization to find a compromise on closing the biggest corporate tax loophole in the Governor's plan.