Some Of The World’s Best Chess Players Square Off In St. Louis This Week

Sep 8, 2013

Four of the best chess players in the world are squaring off this week in the Central West End during the first ever Sinquefield Cup.

The two best American payers will be joined by two of the top rated players in the world, including the number one ranked, 22-year-old Magnus Carlsen.

The Chess Club and Scholastic Center of St. Louis is hosting the event, and Executive Director Tony Rich expects heated matches that can hinge on a single move.

“Because even if you’ve played 39 excellent moves your 40th move can ruin the whole game, one move can be the difference between victory and defeat,” Rich says.  

Rich says hosting the event is a tribute to St. Louis’ rising profile in the global chess community.

“These guys compete for the world championship and having them here in St. Louis is a real coup for us, it’s a real opportunity to spotlight the professional chess players for an American audience,” Rich says.

The round-robin style tournament, which is open to the public, starts Monday afternoon wraps up this coming Sunday.  

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