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St. Louis park site of protest against Wall Street

Oct 3, 2011

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A downtown St. Louis park is a micro tent city occupied by protesters as part of a nationwide grassroots demonstration speaking out about corporate greed and other issues. The demonstrations are often known as "Occupy [enter location where gathering takes place here]." In this case, it's OccupySTL.

About three dozen protesters were in Kiener Plaza on Monday a few blocks from the Gateway Arch. About a half-dozen tents gave some of them shelter.

Organizer Apollonia Childs of Chicago says big corporations, the wealthy and Wall Street have too much power, and that lower- and middle-class Americans she calls "suffering" should get their fair share.

Another protester, Jason Counts, says political contributions from Wall Street interests and what he calls "mega-companies" have wrongly given them more political power than the rest of America.

No arrests have been reported in St. Louis.