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St. Louis Symphony Encore - more from Warren-Green, Cohen

Jan 30, 2012

Did you tune in to our live broadcast of the St. Louis Symphony on Saturday? Well - if you did, thanks for joining us, and, even if you didn't catch it that evening, you can still experience some of the fun from that evening. We have an encore for you, if you'll excuse the play on musical words.

Christopher Warren-Green conducted the St. Louis Symphony in concerts Jan. 27-29 in Powell Hall in a program including Sibelius’ En Saga, Op. 9, Liszt’s Piano Concerto No. 1 in E-Flat major with Arnaldo Cohen as soloist, and Tchaikovsky’s Symphony No. 4 in F minor, Op. 36. 

Both the conductor and soloist were called in at the last minute to substitute for the originally scheduled Vassily Sinaisky who was called back to the Bolshoi, and pianist Louis Lortie who sustained an injury while hiking.  A substitute in either conductor or soloist frequently results in a change of repertoire, which is even more likely when it is both the conductor and soloist.  However, in this case, Warren-Green and Cohen were able to carry out the scheduled program.

On Jan. 26 following a rehearsal, the St. Louis Symphony’s Eddie Silva spoke with Warren-Green about the St. Louis Symphony concerts and his relationship with the Royal Family (yes, the one in the United Kingdom) in his home country, especially a recent event you probably heard of (hint: rhymes with "oil bedding"). Here's their conversation:

Pianist Arnaldo Cohen made his debut with the St. Louis Symphony last March.  On Jan. 28, during the intermission of St. Louis Public Radio’s live broadcast of the St. Louis Symphony, the pianist talked with host Robert Peterson about Liszt’s Piano Concert No. 1 and his decision to accept the invitation to return to St. Louis to perform it: