St. Louis TV Stations Get $14.2 M for Political Ads

St. Louis, MO – A new report shows St. Louis TV stations made more than $14 million from political ads in the November election.

The Alliance for Better Campaigns, which advocates free airtime for candidates, has new data that show more than $34 million went to stations across Missouri for more than 65,000 ads.

St. Louis' FOX affiliate KTVI aired the most ads (5,863) but the NBC station KSDK made the most money (6,759,654).

Illinois stations made more than $50 million dollars, but most of that was in the Chicago market.

Here's a list of how much money each St. Louis station got for airing ads:

St. Louis TV Stations & Political Ad Money Station Affiliation Political Ad DollarsPolitical Ads Aired KSDK NBC $6,759,654 5,707 KMOV CBS $3,512,267 3,919 KTVI Fox $2,897,002 5,863 KDNL ABC $641,715 2,435 KPLR Ind. $406,073 949 Market Totals $14,216,711 18,873

source: Alliance for Better Campaigns