St. Louis Volunteen founder Bernstein selected as Huffington Post's "Greatest Person of the Day"

Jan 6, 2011

You'd think being designated as a L'Oreal "Women of Worth" finalist and starting her own organization would be impressive enough for 18-year-old Simone Bernstein.

Well, now Bernstein can add another item to her list of accomplishments - today she was named The Huffington Post's "Greatest Person of the Day."

Bernstein founded St. Louis Volunteen, an organization aimed at young people who want to volunteer but were not able to because of age restrictions of some charities.

"There are so many organizations that only take people who are 18 and over because of liability," Bernstein, now 18, told The Huffington Post. "I really wanted to find a place that could utilize my skills, whether it was an hour a day two hours a day, I wanted to find somewhere where I could really be a part of their organization."

Bernstein told St. Louis Public Radio that she was "shocked" when she received the call yesterday from The Huffington Post telling her she'd been selected.

"It can really just take a person a few minutes to find an organization to volunteer, and make a difference in their community," Bernstein said.

And what does she hope comes of the Huffington Post recognition?

"I'm excited to expand the site," Bernstein said. " I hope other teens will utilize the site and find volunteer opportunities that fit their interests."

For more about Bernstein, check out reporter Maria Altman's feature about teen unemployment, and where volunteering fits into the equation for young people out of work.