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The status of 6 projects on Grand Center’s drawing board

May 31, 2016

Following today’s discussion with Circus Flora, Michelle Stevens, Vice President of Grand Center, joined St. Louis on the Air to discuss proposed new developments and those already on the drawing board in Grand Center.

How are projects for the area decided upon?

“Thinking about what is best for the neighborhood and what works with the fabric of the neighborhood and the wonderful arts organizations we already have here,” said Stevens, adding that Grand Center holds several community engagement sessions to hear neighbors’ ideas before any project is culminated.

Here’s what you can expect to see happening — or not happening — in the coming months in Grand Center:

Arts Academy Plaza

The Arts Academy Plaza Project, which will be a new 14,000 sq. foot City of St. Louis park, will open across the street from the St. Louis Symphony and near the Grand Center Arts Academy at Grand and Grandel Square.

The park will include tiered seating and “performance pockets” to encourage impromptu performances, Stevens said.

It is expected to open before the end of this year.

Missouri Theater Building

The Missouri Theater Building, also known as the Missouri Health Building, is getting a makeover as it becomes a 145-room boutique hotel and adds office space. That office space will be occupied by the North American headquarters for Bull Moose Industries, which is a local tubing company. This is only the first phase of construction.

In the second phase of construction, a parking garage and 130 apartments will be added directly behind the building.

Strauss Park

Strauss Park is going through extensive landscaping and will have new park seating by next week.

Washington Avenue streetscape

Later this summer, Grand Center will start its first streetscape project, which was part of the organization’s master plan for the area. It will go along Washington Avenue from the Sheldon to Grand Blvd. The sidewalks will be upgraded with new seating and lighting. This project is expected to be completed later this year.

Art Walk

Grand Center’s collaboration with Saint Louis University to create a crosswalk connector between SLU and the neighborhood is about to get underway. The pedestrian walkway will run from SLU, through the Public Media Commons and to the Sheldon. At the Sheldon, the walkway will be bounded by a three-story green wall on the west side of the building. Construction will begin this summer.

A permanent home for Circus Flora

Reports circulated earlier this month that Circus Flora may soon have a custom, more permanent home in Grand Center. Not so fast, said Stevens, those were only conceptual designs and nothing is for certain yet.

Listen to the segment to find out about more events happening in the neighborhood:

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