Study released on sentiment toward smoke-free law in St. Louis County

Jul 13, 2011

St. Louis County's "Indoor Clean Air Code" - also referred to as a smoking ban -has been in effect since Jan. 1. But in contains exemptions for some bars, banquet halls, and casinos.

The American Cancer Society opposed the measure because of those exemptions. And shortly after it took effect, Charlie Dooley called the 110 exemptions that had been handed out "unacceptable." But there's been no movement yet on tightening the language in the ban, approved by voters last November.

The ACS is hoping that a poll it commissioned and released today moves the needle a bit on that effort.

The study, conducted by the national polling firm The Mellan Group, found that out of the 400 registered voters surveyed in St. Louis County, 72 percent "support making all bars, restaurants, casinos, and other workplaces 100 percent smoke-free."

The release from the American Cancer Society also states that nearly two-thirds of those surveyed (64 percent) "strongly favor" such a law.