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Suggestions For Living A Lengthy And Healthy Life

Jan 8, 2013

Health issues often become more prominent as people age.  Many of them are avoided or at least postponed; and much of living healthfully has more to do with attitude than it does medicine.

Host Don Marsh talked with geriatrician Dr. John Morley, who is Director of the Division of Geriatric Medicine at Saint Louis University’s School of Medicine.

Marsh and Morley addressed living in a way which can help extend life.  Among other things, they talked about the importance of exercise, stress, and why women live longer than men.  They also mentioned why taking many supplements, including multi-vitamins might actually increase your chance of dying.

We asked listeners for their one healthy lifestyle tip they swear by.  Some of that feedback is included here.

  • I'm a vegetarian! I try to eat fewer processed foods and that has made a huge difference in my health.
  • Take all of your medicine as it is prescribed, even if you begin feeling better. And make sure to get plenty of rest.
  • I absolutely swear by exercise! I swim an hour and a half every day!!
  • Eating five times as many veggies as the amount of meat consumed per day.
  • Always take the stairs.
  • Keep moving.
  • For physical and mental health, I take a page from Adams... Don't Panic.
  • No coffee tea for me. Also, lots of lotion...taking care of your skin religiously makes you feel great and look younger.