Tea Party members oppose Aerotropolis at Mo. Capitol | St. Louis Public Radio

Tea Party members oppose Aerotropolis at Mo. Capitol

Sep 7, 2011

About 30 Tea Party members held a brief rally today inside the Missouri Capitol, where they called on lawmakers to reject the Aerotropolis proposal.

Supporters of Aerotropolis say it would transform Lambert Airport in St. Louis into an international air cargo hub and would financially benefit the entire state. But Ron Calzone with the group Missouri First told the small crowd inside the Capitol Rotunda that giving away tax credits creates winners and losers in society.

“We should be just as upset as those men who dressed up as Indians and dumped that tea in Boston Harbor," Calzone said.  "We should say, ‘no mercantilism in Missouri.’”

The group later dispersed and paid visits to lawmakers’ offices, asking them to vote “no” on the tax credit proposal.  Another rally is scheduled Thursday.