Thousands Rally Against War in Forest Park | St. Louis Public Radio

Thousands Rally Against War in Forest Park

St. Louis, Mo. – Thousands of people turned out at Forest Park in St. Louis Sunday to protest the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq and to rally support for the safe return of the troops.

They converged on the park in droves with an array of anti-war banners. Courtney McDermott's sign read "Draft the Twins," a reference to President Bush's twin daughters. "I think if he had his own daughters over there that perhaps he would think better about this," she said.

Eric Nichols of St. Louis brought his 5-year-old son, each wearing a gas mask. "This is something in the future that could have to be worn by everybody," said Nichols. "People say it can't be comfortable, but no kid is going to be comfortable when they have to where it for the rest of their future."

Organizers estimate the event drew more than 4,500; police estimates are just over 2,000.

There were also "support the troops" rallies this weekend. About 30 people gathered near the old post office Sunday morning to show support for U.S. troops in Iraq.