Three Arrested at Monsanto Protest | St. Louis Public Radio

Three Arrested at Monsanto Protest

St. Louis, Mo. – Three protestors were arrested Monday morning outside the headquarters of Monsanto in St. Louis.

The, along with about 75 other protestors, were speaking against the use of the company's "Roundup" herbicide to eradicate drug crops in Colombia, South America.

Cecilia Zarate-Laun says farmers in her country are losing food crops because of aerial spraying. "They're fumigating indiscriminately, without seeing who has cocoa and who doesn't have cocoa," she said. "And they're destroying the lives of these people, they're destroying their water killing fish."

Representatives for Monsanto would not comment on tape, but released a statement saying Roundup has passed many environmental tests, and is safe when used properly.

Kelle Rose with the National Mobilization on Colombia says the aerial spraying of the herbicide is unsafe

"Ostensibly this is for fumigating the cocoa crops, but their food crops are being fumigated, their water sources are being fumigated, even their children."