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Uber and Lyft are closer to operating at Lambert Airport

Aug 3, 2017

Ride-hailing companies like Uber and Lyft are considering the terms of a proposed agreement that would allow them to operate at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.  A $3 per trip fee was approved by the city's Airport Commission Wednesday as part of a plan to allow the competition to traditional taxi service. 

The so-called Transportation Network Companies would also have to pay $15,000 every two years to do business at the airport. 

A proposed agreement could allow Uber and Lyft operate at St. Louis Lambert International Airport.
Credit File photo | St. Louis Public Radio

But there are still a few steps before the rules are finalized. St. Louis' Board of Estimate and Apportionment has to sign off on the regulations. It is slated to meet later this month. The ride-hailing companies also have not announced if they will agree to the terms.

In a statement to St. Louis Public Radio, Lyft says it supports the agreement, but it wants to renegotiate at the end of two years.

An email from Uber says it is reviewing the deal. Uber has previously stated in emails to St. Louis Public Radio that it was "eager to reach an agreement with Lambert International Airport." It wanted to make sure any deal would provide "reliable and affordable options."

The St. Louis Metropolitan Taxicab Commission has been an opponent of Uber and Lyft setting up in the city. The commission has contended it wouldn't be a level playing field, considering the regulations taxi cab drivers go through to receive their permits. It  is not commenting on the airport commission decision.

State lawmakers passed a bill this year allowing Uber and Lyft to operate throughout Missouri. Gov. Eric Greitens signed the law, which goes into effect later this month.

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