An update on the 114th U.S. Congress | St. Louis Public Radio

An update on the 114th U.S. Congress

May 26, 2015

St. Louis Public Radio reporter Jim Howard

St. Louis Public Radio's Washington, D.C. reporter Jim Howard joined host Don Marsh to discuss what has and has not been accomplished during the congressional session thus far. Currently, Congress is in recess.

Issues Howard discussed include:

  • The Patriot Act and the possibility of another terrorist attack.
  • The passing of the USA Freedom Act, which challenges what information the NSA can and cannot collect.
  • A shortage of funds in the state of Missouri for highways and bridges. Currently, the federal highway and transportation trust fund is $120 billion short of what is needed to address road conditions.
  • The advantages and disadvantages of increasing the gas tax given the increase in usage of fuel-efficient cars.
  • Public safety issues amidst the discussion around events in Ferguson and limits on the amount of revenue municipalities can collect.

Listen to the audio to hear more details about these and other issues.

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