U.S. should re-evaluate nuclear energy risks, McCaskill says | St. Louis Public Radio

U.S. should re-evaluate nuclear energy risks, McCaskill says

Mar 16, 2011

In the wake of the nuclear reactor crisis in Japan, Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill says the United States should re-evaluate the risks of nuclear energy and make smart decisions going forward.

Workers in Japan are trying to prevent a nuclear meltdown by cooling overheating reactors damaged by Friday's earthquake and tsunami.

McCaskill says Ameren Missouri's Callaway Nuclear Plant is safer because it's a "pressurized water reactor", not a "boiling water reactor" like the one in Japan.

"Ours is much safer because of that," McCaskill said. "And it has been built to withstand earthquakes. I think we are in a much better position in Missouri in terms of the nuclear facility that we have in light of what has gone on in Japan. But, nonetheless, we are going to be paying attention to the aftermath of this."

McCaskill points out that every source of energy has risks, saying that the U.S.'s dependence on the middle east for oil puts the country's national security at risk.