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Use Our Missouri Legislative Tracker To Follow Key Bills

Jan 28, 2014

Almost 300 bills were prefiled in the Missouri Senate and Missouri House before the legislative session even opened. Now that the legislative session is underway, some of those bills will fade away, others will move through the legislative process and even more new ones will be introduced.

No wonder it's hard to keep up with what's going on in the legislature.

St. Louis Public Radio and the Beacon is launching a legislative tracker to follow some of the major bills this session. (We suggest that you bookmark it: From the hundreds of bills filed, we have selected those bills that reflect what the legislature's leaders, our area's elected officials and statewide elected officials have said are their priorities.

We are following bills in five categories: education, elections and ethics, guns, health, and jobs and the economy. There is also a sixth category, recent actions, that keeps track of what bills the legislature has most recently acted on.

So, for example, if you click on education, you will see all the bills dealing with student transfer. If you click on an individual bill, you will see its sponsor, its status and links to stories we've done on it.

As the session proceeds, we will add any new categories or any new bills that seem to be gaining traction.

Please try it out at and let us know if there are other bills that you would like to see added.