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Visiting Marines robbed in St. Louis

Jun 22, 2011

Updated 11:13 a.m. with information from St. Louis Post-Dispatch, Marine Corps spokeswoman comment.

St. Louis detectives are investigating an apparent attack on two Marines visiting the city as part of Marine Week.

Police say the incident happened early Monday. The Marines, ages 21 and 22, were walking in the area of downtown where Marine Week attractions are located. The victims told police that two young men approached them and offered to sell jewelry.

The Marines declined, leading to an argument. Police say one of the Marines was punched and poked with a pocket knife. He did not seek medical attention.

The suspects then stole the wallet of the other Marine.

As of 11: 13 a.m., the St. Louis Post-Dispatch reports that there is some debate as to what exactly happened with the pocket knife:

A police summary of the incident provided by the St. Louis Police Department said that one of the robbers then used the pocketknife and "poked" the Marine who had been punched. The Marine had a minor injury but did not need medical attention, police say. But [Marine Corps spokeswoman Capt. Kate] Vanden Bossche said no one was poked or hit with the knife.