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Wallendas And Water Skis Added To Fair St. Louis Lineup

Jun 11, 2014

Part of the Flying Wallendas
Credit 2009 Circus Flora photo

The Grand Basin at the foot of Art Hill will play a more important role than provide the reflective image for fireworks photos. The Fair St. Louis organizers announced Wednesday that water skiing and wakeboarding will take place on the water, and Tino Wallenda will walk a wire above it, stretched more than the length of a football field.

As Circus Flora Executive Director Joel Emery said in a press release, “Walking a slender wire, more than six-stories above the Grand Basin, with no net below, … will bring an entirely new thrill to St. Louis' Fourth of July celebration." Circus Flora  runs through June 22 in its tent next to Powell Hall.

Dodging fountains in the Grand Basin
Credit Provided by Fair St. Louis

The Lake Saint Louis Water Ski Club and Midwest NighFLY wakeboarders will provide the on-water entertainment. According to the St. Louis Parks Department, the Grand Basin lake covers 11 acres. Most lakes, however, do not include fountains, which will have to be avoided.

For more information, including transportation options and parade route, go to the Fair St. Louis website.