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War Forum Features Mostly Anti-War Veterans

St. Louis, MO – Veterans of three American wars told a group of St. Louis residents last night why the U.S. shouldn't attack Iraq.

They spoke to a crowd of about 40 people at the St. Louis County Library.

Lincoln Grahlfs fought in World War Two and is now a member of Veterans for Peace. He says the government isn't giving the people the full truth about the consequences of an armed conflict.

"President Eisenhower said a preventative war is an impossibility. How could you have one if one of its features is several cities lying in ruin? It's not preventative war, it's war."

Veterans for Peace is organizing a March 22 bus trip to Washington D.C. to voice their opposition to war.

Members of Veterans for Peace hoped to attract people with a wide range of views to the meeting, but heard only from people who oppose war.