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We Live Here rerun: Growing up apart

Feb 21, 2016

We're getting close to launching our next season of We Live Here with more episodes about education, housing, economics and a host of other topics.

But we're still needing a little more time, so we're reminding you of a show we did early on -- about kids and the way they learn to talk to each other about race. 


The concept for this show started when we went to a summit for students from different high schools across the region. They had come together to talk about their views on race. One thing we learned: whether it's students from predominantly white high schools or predominantly black, they don't want to inherit the segregated system that exists now.

But changing the system isn't as easy as they think.

We also met students in a journalism class at one of the few racially mixed high schools in the region: Ritenour. Will Rivers and Brandon King have been close friends for years. Brandon is white, Will is black. But it wasn't until they reported on a region-wide summit on race that they actually discussed race and racism with each other. We explore how that could happen as well.