Wehrenberg Theatres has new zero tolerance policy for cell phones

Aug 16, 2011

Officials with Wehrenberg Theatres say when the announcement was made Friday some movie goers actually applauded.

The St. Charles-based company says as cell phone screens have gotten bigger, they’ve gotten more complaints.

Instead of blocking phone signals as some movie chains have done, Wehrenberg is asking patrons to put their phones on vibrate.

If they’re caught talking or texting, they’ll be asked to leave without a refund.

Spokeswoman Kelly Hoskins says they’re stepping up monitoring, and so are other movie goers.

"What we’re finding guests are telling on each other, because people want to sit in a dark, quiet environment for a movie that they just paid a nice ticket price for," Hoskins said.

Hoskins says there will be a 30-day educational period before the policy goes into full effect.