Westfall Still Hopeful for Hazelwood Ford | St. Louis Public Radio

Westfall Still Hopeful for Hazelwood Ford

St. Louis, MO – St. Louis County Executive Buzz Westfall says he's not giving up on the Ford factory in Hazelwood that's slated to close sometime mid-decade.

Westfall is on the task force that's trying to convince Ford to change its mind. More than 2,600 people make SUV's at the plant.

Westfall says when a company gives more than two years' notice of a closing, he feels that company is inviting ideas on how to keep it open. "I can't say I'm optimistic but I'm still hopeful that things will change at the Ford Motor Plant," said Westfall.

"And there have been some conversations and some signals going back and forth between Detroit and here that are consistent with being somewhat optimistic in that regard. So I haven't given up hope at all." Westfall wouldn't elaborate on what comments have been made to keep him optimistic.

The Task Force hopes to propose a plan to Ford this year to keep SUV's rolling off the floor in Hazelwood.