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What #StaySTL has taught the Missouri History Museum about St. Louisans’ pride

Jan 19, 2016

Last week after the St. Louis Rams officially became no more and opted to move to Los Angeles, the Missouri History Museum sent out a little email. It read:

Jody Sowell and Sam Moore.
Credit Kelly Moffitt | St. Louis Public Radio

“While some organizations are leaving St. Louis, we’re staying. Today we’re launching the #staySTL campaign. We need you to join with us and show the world how much we love the St. Louis region. Visit Facebook, Twitter, change your profile picture and help us share the #staySTL logo.

“Let us rise above the noise and spread the word about how great St. Louis truly is.”

The email prompted responses across the social media realm. On Tuesday’s “St. Louis on the Air,” the Missouri History Museum’s Online Communications Coordinator, Sam Moore, discussed what the social media responses have taught him about St. Louis pride from institutions and individuals alike. Jody Sowell, the museum’s director of exhibitions and research, conceptualized the idea and also joined the show.

Over one thousand people and organizations have contributed their submissions about why they stay in St. Louis. It will continue as long as people contribute, said Moore.

"The hope was that people would sit around and talk about what makes this city so great," said Sowell. "That is not to ignore the tougher things, the bad things. That's something I'm also very impressed with by our own visitors at the history museum. They are able to both say 'these are the wonderful things about this city' and also recognize there's things that need to be worked on."

"It takes a moment like this, hitting some hard times to realize what you have that's so great," said Sowell. "St. Louis has an interesting mix. We are very proud of some things and we do have an inferiority complex. ... St. Louis is both very proud and we take some of these losses incredibly hard as well."

Here are some examples of #staySTL submissions: 

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