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Women In Current Jazz

Apr 12, 2014

Jazz Unlimited for Sunday, April 13 will be “Women in Current Jazz.”  While there have been many female jazz vocalists, instrumentalists are harder to find.  As times change, women have become heard in jazz playing all sorts of instruments, not just pianos and guitars.  This show will feature female jazz artists who have been active since 2000, with three vocal recordings and 26 instrumental recordings.  The female jazz artists featured on tonight’s show are organist Akiko Tsuraga; pianists Bertha Hope, Geri Allen, Hiromi Renee Rosnes, Shamie Royston and Kris Davis; composer, arranger and big band leaders Toshiko Akiyoshi, Chie Iamazumi and Carla Bley; vocalists Janice Borla, Patricia Barber and Cassandra Wilson; French hornist Sara Della Posta; pianist, vocalist Dena Derose; drummers Sylvia Cuence, Teri Lynne Carrington, Sherry Maracle and Susie Ibarra; reed player Anat Cohen; the Diva Jazz Orchestra; baritone saxophonist, flutist Claire Daly, bassists Espiranza Spalding, Mary Ann McSweeny, Marlene Rosenberg and Mimi Jones; trumpeters Ingrid Jensen and Laurie Frink, Saxophonists Christine Jensen, Jane Ira Bloom, Jane Bunnett, Erica Lindsay, Virginia Mayhew, Tia Fuller and Ingrid Laubrock; keyboardist Alice Coltrane and percussionist Shirazette Tinnin.

The Slide Show contains my photographs of some of the artists heard on tonight's show.

This Archive for the show will only be available until the morning of April 21, 2014

Here is a video of Teri Lyne Carrington (d), Espiranza Spalding (b) Ingrid Jensen (tp) Helen Sung (keys) and Tineke Postma (as) playing "Mosaic Triad" in Japan.