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Zip Line Course Could Be Coming To Greensfelder Park

Dec 4, 2012

Credit SteveR / Flickr

The St. Louis County Council is mulling over a plan to build an up to 10 acre zip line course above Greensfelder Park in Wildwood.   The course would be developed by Maryland based company Go Ape and includes five zip lines and around 40 treetop obstacles.

It’s estimated that the public-private project would bring in an extra $40 to $60 thousand dollars a year in revenue for the county.

Some equestrians, however, oppose the proposed location of the course, which is near several trails used by horse riders.

Steve Bland says he rides his horse through the park just about every weekend and is concerned it would be spooked by the zip lines.  

“Because of the way horses react they would now have to contend with something flying over their head, possibly,” Bland says. 

In contrast, other residents told the county council last night that this is exactly what the park needs.

County Parks and Recreation Department Director, Thomas Ott, told the county council that the project is a perfect fit.

“It’s something that’s physically challenging,” Ott says.  “We think it’s a good opportunity to get people out of the house, off the couch, out from behind the computer screen and get them outside.”

Ott did point out that nothing is set in stone, and that he is open to considering other locations for the zip line course.

Councilman Pat Quinn represents the district where the park would be located and says he will consider all arguments for and against the course before introducing an ordinance that would allow for its development.