Arch City Radio Hour

  • Hosted by Nick Garcia

Arch City Radio Hour is a program about music artists, bands, and events in the St. Louis region. Host Nick Garcia — of — highlights notable St. Louis musicians and songs. The show also features in-depth interviews and live performances. Past episodes of Arch City Radio Hour can be heard here on our site. Playlists and additional information from each episode are also detailed below. The show is not currently airing on any of our broadcast channels.

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(Courtesy of Mike Schrand)


Mike Schrand

Interview and performance with Marc Chechik of Melody Den:

Songs performed:


"Lovely Lie"

"Reservoir Tower"

Mike Schrand

Interview and performance with Beth Bombara and her band:

Songs performed:

"Don't You Know"

"Can't Win"

"All Along"

"Mountain Sun"