Al Sharpton

Ferguson And Beyond
11:36 pm
Sat October 18, 2014

Sharpton Reacts To Leaked Wilson Testimony; Mothers March To End Violence

Leah Gunning Francis, second from left, locks arms with Rev. Karen Anderson, Betty Thompson, Rev. Traci Blackmon and Valerie Richmon of Austin, Tx at the front of the Mother's March on October 18, 2014.,
Camille Phillips/St. Louis Public Radio

Ferguson Police Officer Darren Wilson says he was afraid for his life in the moments before he killed Michael Brown on Aug. 9, according to an article published Friday by the New York Times.

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Michael Brown
9:43 pm
Sun August 17, 2014

Johnson, Sharpton Lead Electrifying Rally For Michael Brown

The Brown family
Jason Rosenbaum | St. Louis Public Radio

Outside Greater Grace Church in Ferguson on Sunday afternoon, upward of 800 people gathered for a rally for Michael Brown. With the church full to overflowing, the crowd outside held signs and chanted much like they did at Saturday’s march and other demonstrations this past week.

But inside the sanctuary there was a different tone. The enormous crowd inside sang worship songs, raised their hands in praise and even responded with an occasional amen.

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Voter ID Laws
3:56 pm
Fri March 16, 2012

Sharpton aligns with Clay in opposing voter ID laws

Rev. Al Sharpton and Congressman Lacy Clay spoke backstage before a voting rights forum at Harris-Stowe State University.
(Joseph Leahy/St. Louis Public Radio)

Rev. Al Sharpton is joining Missouri Congressman Lacy Clay in opposing efforts to require voters to show photo IDs at the polls.  

Last year, Republicans in 38 states introduced legislation that would require a state-approved photo ID to vote. Seven states have since signed it into law.

Sharpton joined Clay in St. Louis Friday at a voter rights forum to oppose a similar law from passing in Missouri.  “We've got to turn this around," Sharpton said. "And start targeting in Missouri those legislators that are targeting our right to vote,” he said.

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