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When President Barack Obama gave his State of the Union address earlier this week, reaction was pretty predictable: Most Democrats liked the speech, while Republicans were generally less favorable. 

But in the flurry of emailed statements from politicians that flooded reporters’ in boxes, one stood out: Missouri Treasurer Clint Zweifel, a Democrat, criticized part of the president’s proposal to streamline higher education incentives.

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Tuesday night, for the first time in his presidency, President Barack Obama delivered his state of the union address to a GOP-controlled Congress. It was a speech in which Obama went back to Democratic basics -- what Obama called "middle-class economics" -- and ended with a sweeping call to a "better politics," one  "where we appeal to each other’s basic decency instead of our basest fears."

President Barack Obama took to Facebook and Vine last week to announce his free community college proposal.

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President Obama held his final press conference of the year on Friday. 

He addressed several topics, including relations with Cuba, the Sony hacks  and more.

NPR's The Two-Way has a live blog recap of the press conference.

(The press conference will will preempted Cityscape on 90.7 FM but you can see a recap of its segments).

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President Barack Obama spent most of Monday talking to officials about law enforcement and civil rights issues that are gaining traction following events in Ferguson.

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President Barack Obama says he has asked Missouri Gov. Jay Nixon to create a plan for a “careful and appropriate response to any potential violence” that may occur after the grand jury decision in the Darren Wilson case is made public.

Speaking Sunday on ABC’s This Week, the president said he doesn’t want a repeat of this past August.

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On the eve of the 13th anniversary of 9/11, and after the gruesome beheadings of two American journalists, President Barack Obama told the American people in a televised address that the United States would "degrade, and ultimately destroy" the terrorist organization known as the Islamic State in Syria and Iraq, "through a comprehensive and sustained counterterrorism strategy."

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President Obama addressed the nation tonight on his administration's strategy for fighting the militant group ISIS, also known as ISIL or Islamic State.

As NPR reports, "President Obama said the United States plans to 'take out' the Islamic State "wherever they exist.'"

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Last week, people all over St. Louis – and all over the Midwest and East Coast, probably – celebrated the official start of spring. They celebrated because the winter has been unusually long and cold and, somehow, darker than usual. And they celebrated with a tinge of worry that the brutal winter could give way to an equally brutal, hot summer.

If that does happen, be prepared for a lot of talk about climate change. 

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President Obama held a press conference this afternoon covering a variety of issues, including on the troubled rollout of the Affordable Care Act. Obama said about the rollout, "I'm in charge. We screwed it up." For a full recap, see NPR's live blog.

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