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Bellerive Country Club

The Wanamaker Trophy outside the gates of Bellerive Country Club in Town and Country. The trophy goes to the winner of the annual PGA Championship. The 100th edition of the tournament is next year at Bellerive.
100th PGA Championship.

A major sporting event in St. Louis next summer will give the region worldwide attention. The 100th PGA Championship will take place at Bellerive Country Club in Town and Country.

The PGA's tournament director, Barry Deach, has set up office at the club. He recently spoke about the potential impact, preparations, partnerships and how the event goes beyond the course, thanks to initiatives that will benefit the community for several years.

Big-Time Golf To Continue In St. Louis County

May 28, 2013
Senior PGA Championship/Senior PGA Championship

The Senior PGA championship trophy has been awarded and the corporate tents have been taken down, but the show won't be over for the Bellerive Country Club and big-time golf in St. Louis County.

The Senior PGA Championship at Bellerive was this year's first major on the calendar for the 50-and-over golfers.  But in August of 2018, the order of majors will be reversed when the PGA Championship is held.

Though the magnitude in five years will differ from last week's senior event , David Charles of the PGA of America says his organization will try to keep it simple.

Bellerive officials study this week's Senior PGA Championship

May 25, 2012

The General Manager and Chief Operating Officer of Bellerive Country Club in St. Louis is in Benton Harbor, Michigan, this week asking a lot of questions. 

Bellerive is the host golf course next year at this time for the Senior PGA Championship, which is now underway at the Harbor Shores golf course. Jeffery Kreafle is entering his fourth year as the GM and COO at Bellerive. It’s the first time he’s been involved with a golf course that’s slated to be the site of a major.  He’s trying to keep from being overwhelmed.

(UPI/Bill Greenblatt)

 Bellerive Country Club in suburban Town and Country has been named by the Professional Golf Association as the location for not one, but two major events over the next several years.

Bellerive will host the Senior PGA Championship  in 2013 followed by the 100th PGA Championship in 2018.